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The Mayor, with approval of Council,  appoints residents to fill positions on various committees, boards and commissions. Additionally, the Mayor, at the first meeting of each year, appoints various Council members to Committee positions. The Council persons are charged with understanding the respective Village activities and being Council’s knowledge expert in the given areas.  

Standing Council Committees include

Todd Barber, Nate Shafer, and Stefan Taylor 
are the members of the  Streets, Sidewalk and Sewers Committee.
Barber, Dave Jenkins, and Nate Shafer are the members of the Safety Committee.

Pam Crosby, Dave Jenkins and Carla Rospert are the members of the Finance Committee.
Carla Rospert is a member of the Regional Planning and Building Codes Committee. In this role, Carla Rospert is also the Village’s delegate to the Erie Regional Planning with Mayor Ben Smith 
acting as alternate.
Pam Crosby, Dave Jenkins and Carla Rospert are the members of the Utilities Committee.

Pam Crosby, Nate Shafer and Stefan Taylor are the members of the Council’s Civic Contacts and Historical Committee.
Todd Barber, Pam Crosby,
 and Nate Shafer are the members of the Parks and Trees Committee.

Mayor Ben Smith, Administrator Brian Rospert, Al Buggele, Marsha Scott and Tina Frederick are the members of the Beautification Committee.

Todd Barber is the delegate and Dave Jenkins serves as the alternate of the Erie Co. Council of Governments Rep. committee.

Design Review Board members are Dave Jenkins, Pam Crosby, Ann Basilone-Jones,                Larry Schell and Dan Frederick.

Standing Boards and Commissions include

Planning Commission: This 
five member commission meets on an as needed basis. The current members include three (3) residents; Jenny Henry Bobel, Jim Schoenegge and Larry Smith, along with the Mayor and Council member Carla Rospert. 

Zoning Board of Appeals: 
This five member board is entirely staffed by residents and meets on an as needed basis. The current Board is led by Chairman Dan Frederick and includes members Patricia Deland, Joe Chicotel, Stan Roberts, and Larry Schell. 

Property Maintenance Board: This 
five member board meets on an as needed basis. The current members include; Todd Barber, Randy Glovinsky, Stan Roberts and Larry Smith along with Mayor Ben Smith.

Tree Commission: The commission is made up of five residents and meets on an as needed basis. The current members include David 
Berckmueller, Martha Berckmueller,

Jennifer Jackson, and Stan Roberts. Alternate is Fritz Berckmueller.

Records Commission: The commission is made up of one resident and members of the Village administration and is charged with adopting policies and procedures to ensure the handling of the Village’s records following records retention policy as required by the State of Ohio. Resident Nancy Justice and members of the administration include the Fiscal Officer, Solicitor and the Administrator representing the Mayor.

Residents are encouraged to participate in their local government by volunteering for positions on the various boards and commissions. If you have an interest in an appointment to any specific board or commission, please contact the Mayor at 419-499-4161 ext. 5 or email