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Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the Income Tax Rate in Milan?

A: The Village of Milan has a 1% income tax on gross wages and earnings. FILING IS MANDATORY, regardless of whether or not you employer 
withholds for you. The Village contracts with Regional Income Tax Authority for the collection of its income tax. Failure to file results in penalty and interest charges assessed and/or court action. Please contact RITA at 800-860-7482 with your questions.

Q: How is trash handled?

A: Garbage and Recycling are handled by private haulers. Currently two haulers provide weekly service to residents. Republic Services (419) 626-2454, Cyclone (419) 684-9797. Trash is collected on Thursdays. Contact the individual haulers for pricing and recycling information.

Q: How is yard waste handled?

A: Curbside collection of yard waste is provided by our Street Department free of charge three times per year. For purposes of providing yard waste collection services, the definition of yard waste is leaves, grass clippings, brush, dead plants, weeds and garden waste. Ones yard waste must be placed in paper bags suitable for composting. Bags are generally available at Lowe’s, Home Depot, and other local stores. 

Q: How is brush handled?

A: Curbside collection of brush is also provided by our Street Department. Tree branches, tree trimmings and pruning, excluding dirt, sod or construction debris are collected generally the first Monday of each month April through October with exception September which is performed on the 2nd Monday due to the Labor Day holiday.

Q: Are utility meters read every month?

A: The employees of the Electric and Water Departments read meters on a monthly basis weather permitting. It is not unusual for the weather in January and February to be such the meters are not read. In such cases, the utility bills are estimated using the average of the most recent three months actual usage.