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Thomas A. Edison

Milan Street Department Information

     The Street Department is led by life-long resident Brian Rospert along with Tim Heim. Brian oversees all street maintenance including the annual paving projects on the streets and alleys around the Village. The Street Department sweeps the streets each Friday morning during the summer months and plows all the streets and alleys as needed during the winter months. The Street Department is also charged with yard waste collection and brush pickup. Leaf collection keeps the Street Department busy on a nearly daily basis from early October through Thanksgiving each year. Milan is well known for the outstanding care the Street Department takes with its responsibilities. The Street Department is located at the corner of S. Edison Drive and E. Merry Street. 

The Street Department operates 7 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. and may be contacted at 419-499-4161 ext. 9 or email brospert@milanohio.gov