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Thomas A. Edison

Entrance needed into a Water Meter Pit or Valve Box


     If entrance is needed into a water meter pit or valve box, the Water Department requires you to contact them at

 419-499-4161 ext. 8 for them to come out and turn the water on or off. 

Water Department

     Supervisor Brad Simon and Dan Hipp, leads the Water Department. The Village of Milan's Water Department's goal has always been to distribute the safest and highest quality water for all of our customers. In implementing our goal we routinely collect and test water samples, from the water source right to your home. In September of 2017, the Village elected to purchase their water from Erie County and to begin the decommissioning of their water plant.

The Water Department operates 7 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. and may be contacted at 419-499-4161 ext. 8.

Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)

     Under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible

for setting national limits on hundreds of substances in drinking water and also specifies various treatments that water systems must use to remove these substances.

     We continually monitor for these substances and report directly to the EPA if they are detected in the drinking water. The EPA uses this data to ensure that consumers are receiving clean water and to verify that states are enforcing the laws that regulate drinking water.

For more information, or for any questions relating to your drinking water, please call Brad Simon at 419-499-4161 ext. 8 or email